Is this a book blog or a food blog?

It's a little of both. My primary focus is children's literature and the food-related activities that add an extra element to the sharing and enjoyment of these stories. I review books (including cookbooks) that have a relevant relationship to my blog and I interview authors. However...I do post recipes every week; they are, obviously, a huge aspect of this blog. And, as a member of the gluten-free community, I know that many families appreciate the gluten-freeness of my recipes. So yes, this is a book blog but food is a big part of it and will be reflected in my posts. I guess it could be called a mom blog too, though it's a mom blog with a very narrow focus.

I keep seeing "gluten-free" mentioned. What is that all about?

My youngest son and I both have celiac disease, which means our bodies cannot process gluten the way most people's bodies do. Eating foods that contain gluten (which include wheat, barley and rye) can make us very sick. My son was diagnosed with celiac a few years ago, right after his first birthday. I received my diagnosis in July of 2009. So I have been cooking gluten-free and modifying recipes to be gluten-free for several years. My recipes reflect the gluten-free aspect of our diets, although (when applicable) I share traditional substitutions and variations. My husband and my older son do not have celiac disease. Some families choose to keep their homes entirely gluten-free; in our house I cook gluten-free meals for the entire family as often as possible but I won't lie--we do have gluten-containing foods in our home and we do our best to avoid cross-contamination. So far, so good.

What is the Amazon search box for?

If you use my Amazon search box or the highlighted links in my posts to click through to and you make a purchase (any purchase, not just the my suggested titles), I will earn a percentage of the purchase courtesy of It doesn't cost you anything extra to do so but what I earn does help me maintain this site.

Your last name is a food! That's so cool! Is that your real name?

Yes. Although it seems an appropriate alias for somebody who writes a blog about food, it is, in fact, my real (married) name. It's actually pronounced FREEZE.

How can I get you to review my book?

If you're an author or publisher and you think your book may be a good fit for a featured recipe or review on my blog, or you'd like to discuss hosting an author interview or giveaway on Eat Their Words, please contact me at kapfries at gmail dot com.